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I've been to Boracay twice before Pauline's wedding, but it was only then, on my third visit, that I got to try the super famous calamansi muffins from Real Coffee! Not surprising, since I'm not really a foodie (again, eating a lot does not make one a foodie). I arrived the day before the wedding, and because I had work to do (again, not surprising!), I walked along the white beach with my eyes set on the shops instead of the sea.
Lee Rosaia and her famous calamansi muffins
Coffee is always a good idea for me, so when I saw Real Coffee, I waltzed in. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was where the calamansi muffins were made and sold. I met the owner, Lee Rosaia, a lovely older woman who had a ready smile for each of her guests. We talked for a bit, but we had to cut our conversation short - I had to get to the reception of John and Pauline's church wedding, and she had a date.
So fluffy!!! :)
Back to the muffins, I finally understood what the hype was all about. With coffee, a fountain pen and a notebook, and a wonderful view of the sea - ah, it's every writer's dream. I loved it so much that I had breakfast there the following day, this time with Roanne (Pauline's roommate when she worked in Macau, with whom I shared the hotel room) in tow. Before having another muffin, I had the fluffiest pancake of my life with two sunny side-up eggs. Too awesome.
Value meal!
Although it is the most important meal of the day, breakfast is not the only meal. So when my stomach started sending signals to my brain that it's feeding time, I invited Roanne to Tilapia & Chips in D'Mall. I went there the first time on my second visit, with my friend/account manager/client Ed. The breaded cream dory fillet with tartar sauce was so good! And at Php99 for the meal (with rice and iced tea), it was definitely a steal.

Boracay is known for its crazy parties - aside from the powdery white sand and clear waters, so no trip down there is complete without a night out. Roanne and I joined my high school classmates Doreen and Mac, and her husband Jordan, for a few drinks at Epic. Because I am a manang to the core, however, I skipped the beer and opted for mango juice instead. And oh, I helped myself to the croquettes - they were yummy!
They look like a pair of... EYES. EYES.
The day after the wedding, I had lunch with Pat and Carlo, friends of my friend Miko (Pauline's blockmate), in one of the restaurants in D'Talipapa. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's near Andok's, it has WiFi, and they have a set menu (most of the other restaurants there were the "paluto" sort where you buy raw from the wet market and they cook the food to your liking. It was a good meal, and quite cheap, too.
Coffee should always follow a good meal, so I had an Americano at Zuchero Cafe de Boracay. I was impressed that their coffee brand is Danesi - the same one in Atmosphere Resort in Negros Island. And because there's always room for dessert, I made a quick stop at Ti Braz Creperie and French Bistro for a mango-chocolate crepe!

The island has so many wonderful culinary offerings, and although I don't think I'll be going back there anytime soon, I'm looking forward to trying new places if and when I do. :)


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