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It was in The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati where it was decided that I was to become part of a basketball team. I met up with my friends Franco and Cheska (and I also dragged my neighbor, DEFTAC old-timer Miko, to join us) for post-dinner coffee, and without really knowing what I was getting myself into, I said yes when Cheska asked if I wanted to join her Ateneo Law Team for ABL.

No, I did not go to Ateneo School of Law (when I do go to law school, I actually don't want to attend Ateneo, but that's another story), but that was okay - it was enough that I graduated from the Loyola Schools. The next thing I know, I was part of a Facebook Chat Group with the other girls, a few of whom I've already met or got acquainted with previously.
My jersey number is 30. I asked for 26 (my birth date), but I didn't want to go through the hassle of ordering, so I settled for one of Cheska's spare jerseys. Our first game was January 25th, and although I had fun, I can't exactly say that I enjoyed the experience 100% because the rib injury I sustained from jiu-jitsu was still bothering me.

I was clutching my rib as I ran, and every attempt at a jump shot was painful. Good thing one more member of the team arrived in the middle of the second quarter, which meant I could finally sit on the bench. I didn't score a single point, but I did manage a couple of rebounds. But I wasn't going to force myself to play just for the sake of ending the game with a point.

The moral of the story? Stay put. I read up on rib injuries and the "cure" is basically to rest. Ribs cannot be put in a cast, so healing is purely a waiting game. I begged off the rest of the games to ensure that I didn't expose myself to risk of further injury. After all, my priority was to go back to the mats, and I sure as hell can't do that with sharp pain on my rib at each move.

Maybe next basketball season, I could still join the team and actually be of use to them then. :)


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