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My best friend, Joandrea, told me to listen to "The School of Greatness," a podcast hosted by Lewis Howes. One of the episodes featured Yuri Elkaim, who talked about doubling one's energy the healthy way. I'll admit that lately, my energy levels are at an all-time low because I've been sidelined by injury.

Yuri talked about the benefits of fasting, which weren't exactly very new to me - my father converted to Islam when I was in my teens, and when he talked to me about Ramadan once. To the unfamiliar, Ramadan is an Islamic tradition, and all the faithful are expected to fast. My father told me that after the initial struggle, he's experienced a number of health benefits from fasting so he ended up doing it regularly.
24 hours.
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Not that I don't consider my father a credible source, but I'll admit that it was only after listening to that podcast that I really started to seriously consider fasting. My flatmate and landlord, Jerry, also does fasting annually, and he echoes my father's and the podcast's preachings. I also did my own research, and I stumbled upon an article on Lifehack that outlines the benefits of fasting (click here to read the whole thing). Weight loss is probably the most obvious benefit of fasting, but that's just a start. Studies have shown that fasting leads to a longer life, and improves the functions of the brain and of the immune system.

For obvious reasons, the first attempt at fasting was the hardest, but with a little bit of faith, I managed to pull through. From that point on, I tried to incorporate regular fasting into my schedule. Because I usually have full weekends, the best time for me to fast is from Friday, 4:00PM, to Saturday, 3:59PM. Good thing I don't regularly go drinking on Fridays! :)


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