In honor of our fallen 44

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I don't share my opinions on politics on social media. Lots of people are doing that already, and I don't really feel the need to add to the conversation. I am entitled to my opinion and I know it, but I don't think the world would benefit from reading what's on my mind in any way so I just keep mum. I like the posts I agree with, but I'm not compelled to respond to those with a different stance.

The Mamapasano clash has flooded my Facebook news feed for quite a while, and that's how I managed to stay updated on the developments of the story. I've not posted or shared anything about it, but not for lack of caring. Forty-four human beings, forty-four servicemen who faced constant danger in an effort to keep us safe, brutally killed.

I kept my silence because I just didn't know what there is to say. After all, there is nothing I could possibly say would remotely ease the pain of the families that those forty-four men are going through right now. As a descendant of a family with quite a number of men in the service (grandfather, uncles, cousins), the news of this tragedy was painful.

There are no magic words that would bring them to life, but we can use words to make sure they are never forgotten. To let their families know that the whole nation mourns with them. To let their loved ones know that we are behind them, and that we are grateful for their sacrifice.
Never forget.
(photo borrowed from Sonny's Instagram account)
My officemate Sonny posted a photo of commemorative patches for the Fallen 44. When I saw it, I messaged him to ask where I could get them, and he pointed me to Mr. Michael Pia. I bought three for the Triumvirate. Franco bought two, as well. Proceeds of the purchase will go to the families of the Fallen 44.
I hope I give you honor with this gesture.
I had my patch stitched on my gi, so that every time I put it on, I will remember how they fought for me. And I hope that every time I put it on, whether for training or for a competition, I honor their memory.


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