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Back in college, I took a course called "Creativity and Problem Awareness," under instructor Randy Solis. Among the requirements to pass the course is to start and maintain a Creativity Journal. For my journal, I recycled the back pages of some of my readings. I had about 250 sheets of paper ring-bound for my journal. That was a challenging time for me, and I turned to writing for therapy. I finished all 250 sheets in just two months.
And I'm probably using the same number of pages this time - using scrap paper from my former office, I have a new Creativity Journal! I named it "The Supplanter," because I was actually in the middle of filling up the pages of another journal, Jericho, when I decided to start a Creativity Journal. In case you're unaware, the word supplanter means someone or something that takes the place of someone or something else, usually on purpose.

The purpose for this sudden switch is my need for creative writing therapy. I wrote my longest story to date, Pieces of Tea, by hand on the pages of my Creativity Journal - it was my way to kickstart my healing back then. I figured that repeating history could really help me heal now, and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a story to show for it in the end. I've had The Supplanter since January 22nd, and so far, I've managed to write one piece of poetry. Maybe I could write another song, even.

I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things I will get to write on the pages of this new journal. :)


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