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I've been listening to Allan Holdsworth for a little over a year now. I stumbled upon his music on YouTube while I was looking for jazz musicians to follow (I was taking bass guitar lessons at the time). I clicked play, and when the buffering was over, what I heard completely blew me away. His isn't the kind of music that you play in the background while doing something else; rather, you don't do anything but listen to it. I mean, really - guitarists Joe Satriani, Fank Zappa, John Petrucci, and Eddie Van Halen cite him as an influence, so yeah, he deserves your full attention.
Alan Pasqua
(photo from the internet)
Alan Pasqua, on the other hand, is someone I just recently encountered. He is an American composer and jazz pianist, and it was my friend Jonathan who pointed me to his direction. We were hanging out with our other friend, Miko, some time last December when he made us listen to one of his compositions. Collaborating with musicians of the same (or at least close to the same) calibre, Pasqua just gave the word "syncopation" a whole new meaning. From there, I set out to hear more of his music, which, thankfully, is available on Spotify! Yay! :)
Allan Holdsworth
(photo from the internet)
Wouldn't it be a dream to have Allan and Alan share the stage?

Yes, it would. To be specific, it would be a Tokyo Dream. Haha!



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