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I'm amused when I get this comment from the people I meet for the first time: "Wow, you're so young and you've got everything figured out!" I understand why people would assume that. I'm doing quite okay for myself despite a few rough patches here and there. I'm getting smarter with investing both my time and my money. I get to travel. I have great friends who back me up even when I'm being crazy.

But all that does not mean I have everything figured out, because I don't. I do not have the answers to everything. But the reason why I don't get so stressed about that is I've embraced the uncertainty. I've accepted the truth that, no matter how many things I get to do, no matter how many things I get cross off my bucket list, and no matter how much I get to accomplish, there will always be something more that I wish I could have done when I had the chance.
Embrace it.
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Some people are lucky that they have found that one thing they wish to dedicate their lives to, and some are even luckier because they have found it at a young age. That does not happen to most, and I'm part of that majority. So what do we do? We look around, and we try lots of new things that appeal to us in the hopes of finding the one we can really focus on.

Time is finite, as is my energy, and for that reason, there will never be enough of it for everything I could possibly want. I'm 28 years old and no, I have not figured everything out. And that's okay - I'm comfortable not knowing what's ahead. I won't stop trying, but I won't kill myself doing so, and I definitely won't stop living my life now because I'm trying to sort out the future.


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