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Franco has this habit of saying "we'll eat there someday" whenever we would drive by/talk about a restaurant he's tried and I have not. So far, he's kept his promise for Charlie's Grind and Grill, Kanto King, Atoy's Pork Chop, Tomahawk Chops and Grill, Senor Pollo, and Ramen Yushoken. The latest promise kept is Shinjuku Ramen House, a Japanese restaurant along Makati Avenue.
This is the only photo I took - I was so hungry, I ate the food before taking photos. Haha
This meal came after Franco's accident. I was in Boracay for Pauline's wedding when it happened; I freaked out when I got a phone call from Alfred asking me how Franco was, but I calmed down after I got to talk to Marcus, who assured me he was okay. I saw him when I got back, turning my pasalubong (butterscotch, his favorite) into a "get well soon" present. And it also makes our dinner a Japanese food therapy session.

Back to Shinjuku - it was worth the wait, I must say. It was just me, Franco, and Cheska, but we ordered food enough for four, or maybe even five people. Haha! Of course we had our staples - shrimp tempura and sushi - and then we ordered gyoza and beef loin teppanyaki. I'm surprised we didn't order ramen, but it's good that we didn't - the amount of food we had was overwhelming. Either that, or our appetites just weren't there because neither of us came from training.

The food here is a bit pricey for me (because I'm kuripot, haha!), but most Japanese restaurants worth trying are, anyway. I'm thinking of going back for the ramen, mainly because Alfred speaks very highly of it. And it takes a lot to impress Alfred. :)


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