Gracian #8

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"Be without passions. This is the highest quality of the mind. Its very eminence redeems us fro mbeing affected by transient and low impulses. There is no higher rule than that over oneself, over one's impulses; there is the triumph of free will." -Baltasar Gracian
Don't get so excited.
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In one of my first few blog posts, I talked about having a really bad temper. That made me an unpleasant person, and it ultimately cost me a promotion. As such, when I moved to my next job, I made a conscious effort to manage my anger better. It has worked to my advantage; more opportunities opened up for me, and incredibly, life in general just got so much better. It made a world of difference, I tell you.

For this reason, I continued to teach myself how to master my anger, to control it as opposed to letting it control me. I slip every now and then, but I'm sure I'm getting better and better, little by little. But that was just the start. Controlling my anger is only half the equation. I also needed to manage my enthusiasm.

It's funny how, right before I started typing the draft of this blog post, my friend Jonathan told me that I tend to get too excited about even the littlest things. It's true (especially when I'm thinking/talking about jiu-jitsu, haha!). It's not really a bad thing, per se - I was once told that I had to "be so happy that when others see me, they couldn't help but be happy" - but it still shows that I have not fully mastered my emotions.

My excitement is something I should be just as conscious of, so I'm making that my next self-improvement project.


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