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I'm thoroughly enjoying boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but I know that if I wish to really get better at both sports, I have to supplement my classes with total conditioning and strength-training. When I was still swimming, we weren't always in the water; we also spent time in the gym, and all our "dry" workouts there were designed by our coaches to make us better swimmers.

My friend Franco is one of the best BJJ purple belts in the country today (and I'm not saying that because he's my friend - he would hurt his neck if he tried to wear all the medals he's won from various competitions!). He trains in jiu-jitsu thrice a week at the very least, and on top of that, he has Shark Tank every Saturday in BAMF MMA Center.
Class Picture 1
(photo from Franco Rulloda)
Shark Tank, a weekly workout designed for BJJ and MMA athletes and enthusiasts, is Franco's brainchild. He started it for a number of reasons, one of which is to help the team improve their BJJ and MMA game through proper training. Franco's father, Tito Pareng Noel, is a fitness instructor, also one of the best in the country (I mean, really, how many 50-year-olds do you know have ABS?!?!), and he obviously passed on this passion for health and fitness to his sons (Franco's brother, JR, is just as fit).
Class Picture 2
(photo by Franco Rulloda)
I have yet to join a Shark Tank session, I'll admit. I almost did once, but I had to leave as soon as I got to BAMF because I totally forgot about another appointment. I got to see the "warm-up" though, and man - it's unlike any other workout regimen I've tried before. Although it's not just for BJJ and MMA folks, it's a great supplementary training for those who do practice the sport.


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