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Since I started with jiu-jitsu, I've trained in a number of different places - Zambales, Dumaguete, Davao, and of course, Paranaque and Makati. But so far, my favorite jiu-jitsu field trip brought me to Tagaytay! In February, some folks from DEFTAC Makati drove south for a Saturday session. Patrick (from Team Britto in Toronto, Canada) led the class again, assisted by our mainstay instructor, Boks.
Saturday jits FTW!
I like the relaxed vibe in Tagaytay; I learn better and faster when I'm in this kind of environment. For some reason, I was able to shake off my fears and my inhibitions, and in doing so, I learned how to do a headstand (with guidance from Aris, Boks, and Bryan)! Haha! I just tried it and after a few failed attempts, I managed to pull it off (it was far from perfect, but still!). Jiu-jitsu is about mastering your body, so something as little as that is a milestone! :)

We trained on thick puzzle mats laid out on their garage floor. The cool wind made us quite unconscious of the effort we were putting into training - none of us felt tired until we got home. We ate an obscene amount of delicious food prepared by Bryan and his family (everything was just soooooooo good!) - and the two desserts, the roasted pineapple (which I nicknamed "Pineapple Express," haha!) and the cheesecake (which they call "Blue Belt Cheesecake" because Bryan makes it), were absolutely divine. I'm so happy to be on this team. HAHA!
I went home with heavily bruised knees and shins matched with total body soreness, but I couldn't have been happier about how I spent that Saturday (and the next two, haha! We went back!). I received encouraging feedback from the instructors, which of course fueled my new-found passion for the martial art. I'm really glad I decided to take on this journey; I'm learning so much and I'm enjoying it a lot. And I guess that's the key - to enjoy what we're doing - because it makes all the difference in our game, and in our lives.

And an aside - doing jiu-jitsu has become for me one very good way to enjoy life. :)


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