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One of my former officemates in Publicis Manila, Gretchen, somehow found out that I used to be a swimmer - I don't know how, but I'm glad she did - and she referred a student to me! Her friend Ysa wanted to learn how to swim so she could do it as an exercise. We were introduced via Facebook, there was an exchange of phone numbers, schedules were figured out, and a deal was made. I officially became a swimming coach!

The weekend before what would have been the first session (we've had to re-schedule it thrice due to conflicts), I took an hour to reminisce about my very first swimming lessons with the Bert Lozada Swimming School. I was very comfortable with the water so learning how to swim was incredibly easy for me. But I remember that some of my classmates then were so scared - our teachers had to take time to calm them down.
Jump in!
(photo by Ysa Poblete)
Anyway, I wrote down the basics so I'd have a formal lesson plan (I was pleasantly surprised at how well I remembered what I learned as a kid!) for Ysa. During the negotiation, I asked her what she already knew, and she admitted that she didn't know much beyond flotation. With that in mind, I decided that I would start my first lesson with an assessment of how comfortable she is in the water, and of course, goal-setting.

Save for the time when I tried to teach my friend Hannah how to swim , I've never really been on the coaching side of the sport - I was always the swimmer receiving instructions. I wanted to add to what I already knew, so I did some research and I found a lot of helpful articles online.

Proper breathing (head rotation), bubbles (for recovery), and the flutter kick are, in my humble opinion, the three things that must be taught first. These are the foundation of one's swimming form - you can't do freestyle without knowing how to properly to kick or to breathe properly when in the water. (Segue: It's the same thing for jiu-jitsu, where I was made to do hundreds of bridges and shrimps before technique.)

Ysa is making good progress, and because of that, I actually want to be able to help more people this way. So yes, dear friends - if you want to learn how to swim, let me know! :)


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