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I stumbled upon the wonderful website, Brain Pickings, a little over a year ago; I can't remember how it happened, but I'm glad it did. As a writer and as a reader, the site has become for me the ultimate resource for ideas, for inspiration, for insights, for knowledge, for recommendations on books to read, and even for some literary history. After reading one article on Annie Dillard, whom I read back in college for my Creativity class, I was hooked.
The woman behind the website
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Brain Pickings is a "one-woman labor of love - a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why," in the words of Maria Popova, the reader, writer, interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind behind the website, which started as a weekly email she would send out to seven friends back in 2006. My discovery of the site came at a very opportune time, when the content of Thought Catalog started to decline.

Some of my friends have told me that they, too, have gotten hooked on Brain Pickings after the articles I shared appeared on their respective news feeds and piqued their curiosities. Anyone who is creative, or has an inclination for literary art (or an appreciation, at the very least) will enjoy Popova's work.

The site remains 100% free from advertisements (yay, no pop-ups!), and is supported by readers through donations. Visit the site, and if you enjoy reading the articles as much as I (and millions of other people) do, I hope you can pitch in to keep it running. :)


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