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My former officemate Gabby lent me his copy of Baltasar Gracian's The Art of Worldly Wisdom right before I left for Boracay for my friend Pauline's wedding. It's a book of advice that can help the reader on both a personal and professional level.

I'm the type who reads the introduction of a book. Gabby's copy had a preface about the life of Baltasar Gracian (he was a Jesuit, so it's not surprising that I liked his work immediately). His history was fascinating as it was tragic; he was a brilliant man borne way ahead of his time. Anyway, the introduction was an easy read, but when I finally hit the first few verses, I got overwhelmed.
Travel reading!
It's written in verses, and each one is a nugget of practical wisdom. This book is not meant to be read once, or in one sitting. The reader is supposed to read it slowly - to stop at the end of each verse and reflect. Digest. Think about specific situations where that bit of wisdom is relevant. The book was  my constant companion throughout the trip - on the bus to Batangas, on the ferry to Caticlan, on the beach, and on the way home - but I still didn't get to finish it.

I dwelled too much on certain verses, and so I decided to use them as inspiration for some of my blog posts. As of today, I've already published two reflections based on the verses that really stood out for me, and I know that there will be more. There are, after all, 300 verses.


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