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Manaha has been on a hiatus since the latter part of 2014. After a full-band jam session, we pretty much disappeared from the music world's (and each other's) radar until the year ended. There were a few invitations for gigs, but due to schedule conflicts, we couldn't say yes to any of them. We didn't have time for jamming, either, but Gersh made an effort to record a demo of  his new original song, "Larawan," which he emailed to me to learn.
I miss this!
(photo by Franco Rulloda)
I felt bad that when we finally had some time for a relaxed jam session (just me and him, as the others were unavailable) at the condo last February, I haven't even learned the song yet - there was just so much going on the past few months that I couldn't find the time for it. Anyway, "Larawan" is a wonderfully Gershwin song - dreamy, mellow, and romantic, but he never once used the word love and/or its different Tagalog translations.

We experimented with the song, and we recorded a "draft" version of it. We'll polish it more and do a cleaner recording on our next jam. We also toyed with the idea of covering P.O.T.'s classic hit, Uulitin - we figured there's no harm in adding some covers to the itinerary for as long as we choose our songs well. We're still figuring out how we're going to approach it - we don't want our version to be an exact copy. We agreed to think about it and throw more ideas on our next session.

Looking forward to the next jam, and the next gig, of course!


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