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I previously wrote about Jake O'Neal, a Colorado-based musician I "met" on Twitter. Last January, he reached out to me, still through Twitter, to let me know that he had a new solo album coming out on the 24th of that same month. I promised to give him a listen, but life got a little crazy around that time so I didn't get to do so until now. Better late than never, right? :)

The new album is called "Evolution of a Love," and each one of the six tracks represents a stage in a story of a love won and lost. My favorite song is "A(nother) Failed Attempt at Closure," the subject of which, I think, is something that everyone can relate to on a very personal level. The album is perfect for a relaxed Sunday afternoon coffee either by the sea or in a park lined with old trees.
Cover art
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Evolution of a Love reminds me of the soundtrack of my favorite television show, Suits (I wouldn't be surprised if any of his songs gets picked up by the show's music supervisor!). The indie vibe is strong with this one! Haha! :) But seriously now, the songs are brilliant individually but at the same time, they work perfectly as small pieces of a whole.

Jake reinvented himself as an artist and as a musician. He now goes by the name Drip Lines, which he chose because of the imagery it evokes, not just for him, but for everyone who hears it - water dripping down the window pane or Jackson Pollock paintings.

The artist created, produced, and recorded the album from August to December last year, although the inspiration for it came almost a year before that. Jake wrote all the songs, and he recorded every part, produced it, mixed it, and mastered it from his own own. Amazing, eh?

Give his new album a listen through any of the links below:
Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify | Soundcloud



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