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I'm not the biggest jazz nut in the world. I do appreciate hardcore jazz when I hear it, but I'll admit it sometimes takes me two to three playbacks to really feel the music, especially the ones with the craziest syncopations. So when I got my hands on Whiplash, the Oscar-nominated film about a young jazz drummer and his mentor who pushes him to reach his potential, I found myself listening to the musical sequences on repeat.
To the edge.
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In my humble opinion, the film is a must-watch for any jazz aficionado. Musically speaking, what's in the movie is not the best there is out there (I'd pick Allan Holdsworth any day), but it's still worth the listen. As a plus, the story is incredibly powerful - I've always liked films that explore mentor-student dynamics. The film actually won three Oscars, including the award for sound editing, and even if I've not seen the competition, I'm certain Whiplash deserved the honor.

I frequently talk about music that deserves to be more than background music to other activities like reading or running or whatever else there is to do, and the tracks from Whiplash should never be treated like white noise. One should actively listen to it (the human brain isn't wired for multi-tasking, you know!), period, and that's what I did - I skipped the acting parts of the film and just focused on the music. Haha!

If you're curious about jazz, do yourselves a favor and grab a copy of this film. If not the film, then at least the soundtrack. :)


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