Be a kid again

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You know how, when we were little, we weren't afraid of doing cartwheels, of jumping off a moving swing, of diving into deep water without a life jacket? We'd usually end up with wounds and bruises from these misadventures, which we don't mind - but our overly protective parents often reprimand us for being reckless, and in doing so, they slowly and unknowingly instill fear in us, and sometimes, they take away from us our boldness to try new things.
No fear.
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And as we grow older, we only grow more afraid. We can no longer do the cartwheels we used to do as kids - we don't remember how, and we're too worried about breaking our necks to try. Jumping off a moving swing is too crazy - nobody wants a sprained ankle. Diving in deep water without a life jacket is unthinkable unless you're a swimmer - the fear of the water is too overwhelming that it prevents us from learning how to swim, or at the very least, float.

For the record, our parents are not bad people - they just can't bear seeing us hurt. Taking away our boldness to try new things is merely a side effect of their natural desire to protect us. Parenting does not come with a manual, and not all parents know when they've crossed the line between protecting and discouraging. Our parents are human, and they don't have everything figured out - so let's not take it against them that they can't bear seeing their young in pain.

But pain is a fact of life, and to live our lives to the fullest, we need to come to terms with it. To be afraid of it is perfectly understandable, but we all have a specific responsibility to existence try what there is to experience and we can't let the fear of pain get in the way of that. We have to unlearn our fears, stop thinking, and just be kids again.

Do a cartwheel. Jump off the moving swing. Dive into deep water. You'll be just fine.


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