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I may be 28 years old, but let me assure you - at heart, I will forever be 10! Haha! So when my friend Pauline mentioned that she went to DreamPlay in City of Dreams Manila with her husband's nieces, I made a decision that I was going to check the place out for myself. There was one slight catch: adults are not allowed to enter without a kid. It's a security measure, a perfectly understandable one, at that.
Happy place!
What's a little girl trapped in a grown-up's body left to do? Well, I begged my friends Carla and Marvin to let me take their eldest daughter, the cute, brilliant, and quirky ten-year-old Summer with me! Luckily, they agreed! My friend Bianca, a pre-school teacher, joined us on our visit, because she's constantly on the lookout for new places she could recommend to the parents of her students.
Thank you, Carla and Marvin, for letting me take Ate Summer on a field trip! :)
We went last April 21, a day which officially became one of the happiest in my life!

Since schools are closed for the summer, I expected that there would be a lot of people, and I was right. I've actually prepared myself emotionally for the long queue, but as it turns out, I didn't have to do that - we didn't wait long at all! The staff at the entrance were very efficient, so we were inside the park in no time. They asked for our details, took our photos, and gave us information about the attractions (which were, by the way, accurate). We got there at around 3PM, so we only opted for the weekday four-hour rate (Php680 for Summer, and Php380 each for me and Bianca).
Volt in!
After we paid, we got our wristbands and we were ready to go - well, almost. I had a huge backpack with me, and Summer also had to take off her back brace. It would have been challenging to enjoy the attractions with those things keeping our hands full. But the DreamPlay staff were so cool - I was about to ask if there was somewhere we can leave our things when they told me that we can rent a locker for a mere Php50! The locker was very secure, too, because it can only be opened by the same wristband that locked it.
Yay, Ate Summer! :)
With our hands free, we went around the park to pick out attractions we'd like to try. Summer went for Thread of Enlightenment, which really tested her coordination, balance, and focus. I'm no good at distance, but at the highest point, she was probably about eight meters above the ground! She later admitted to me that she was a bit scared, and that made me proud of her because she still went for it. Twice, even! :)
And everyone cheered for her! :)
Another attraction that Summer conquered twice is Stairway to Heaven - which, to me, is scarier than the first! She made it look so easy, though - and everyone who watched her climb started cheering for her. I can't be too sure, but I think there were only a few kids who really climbed all the way to the tallest pole, and Summer was one of them. Yay! :) Finishing the ladder gave her a strong sense of accomplishment, which, in turn, boosted her confidence.
Bianca and Ate Summer :)
Summer attaching wings on her dragon 
DreamPlay isn't your average play place - there is a premium on learning and development, which is apparent on the different activities they have to offer. For instance, in Dino Trux, kids get to use and develop their fine motor skills as they try to remotely control the "sphero" (I totally sucked at this, Bianca did well, and Summer was awesome). In How To Fly Your Dragon, Summer got to use her imagination by building her own dragon. Kids could really learn so much here - one could say that it's an alternative school disguised as a theme park, haha!
What diet?!?!
By the way, the food here's good, too! Summer, Bianca, and I ordered the Seafood Pizza, Nachos, Caesar Salad, and French Fries. We were so stuffed after dinner, we could barely walk when we were done! Haha! :)
Perfect for active kids like Ate Summer :)
For families with kids around Summer's age, this place is a great choice for quality bonding time because some of the attractions are open to adults, too! Bianca and I had limited options because we were both wearing the wrong shoes, but it didn't matter - being there, being surrounded by kids of different ages having the time of their lives, was in itself an awesome experience. I'm definitely going back - in rubber shoes next time - I'll just "borrow" Summer from her folks again! Haha!:)

P.S. I'd like to single out Robert, one of the attendants at Thread of Enlightenment. When Summer got to the wall climbing part, which was quite difficult to complete, I started cheering for her from where I stood to motivate her. Robert heard me cheering, looked for the kid I'm cheering for, and joined me in encouraging her. He even waited for Summer at the finish line to give her a high five! Thank you, Robert! You (and the rest of the DreamPlay Team) are so awesome, especially with kids! :)


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