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When I dropped by Tesoros a couple of months back, I was pleasantly surprised to see a coffee shop inside - Tommy's! If you've been following this blog, you would know that I am a coffee lover, and every new place that isn't Starbucks is a delight for me. (No offense to Starbucks - I have great respect for it as a business, but the coffee isn't great. I would much rather brew a fresh cup at home than spend money there.)
They have decaf!
For the munchies
For the munchies part 2
Tommy's Coffee is owned by hubby and wife team, Tommy and Mia. I met them on my visit, and they shared with me the uncomplicated story behind their business: they both love coffee, and they got their start at Salcedo Weekend Market. That's actually why, aside from coffee, they also sell other goodies like tapa flakes, pickled tinapa fillet, bacon crisps, to name a few - these other products are from the other participating vendors at Salcedo.
Come right in.
The two don't consider themselves connoisseurs; according to them, they are coffee lovers. They don't have encyclopaedic knowledge of the beverage, but they know enough to develop signature roasts that they personally like. I like how Mia said it: "We're not pretending to be more than what we are. We sell coffee we like, simple as that." I respect that. :)

Aside from the one in Tesoros along Pasay Road in Makati, you can find Tommy's Coffee along Kalayaan Avenue, also in Makati. Drop by for your dose of caffeine! :)


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