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I was never really a fan of birit music. Don't get me wrong - I respect the singers who can really belt out high notes, like Charice Pempengco, Nina, Sarah Geronimo, and the likes; I'm just not a fan of their music and/or their genre. For this reason, I don't really go out of my way to catch their performances, whether live or on television.

When Lendro, my boss and friend, briefed me about an Acer event he wanted me to write the script for, I got more excited about getting to watch ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra (under the baton of Maestro Gerard Salonga - I've followed Gerard Salonga's work since his first concert with his sister, Lea) live than I was about Lani Misalucha singing.
At the event, however, I found myself as mesmerized with her as I was of the orchestra. I've always known she was a great singer - she wouldn't have earned the moniker "Asia's Nightingale" if she weren't - but hearing her live really gave me goosebumps. And with the ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra accompanying her, the whole performance just left me awestruck.

But even before she performed, I was already amazed with Lani because of her sterling work ethic. She was on time for rehearsals, and she was very hands-on with the sound mixing. Someone of her stature in the industry can totally afford to be a diva, but she is not one at all! She's very warm (she even agreed to sing Happy Birthday for our friend Miggy during rehearsals), and she's very professional.

I'm looking forward to hear her sing again, hopefully in the near future. :)


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