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Some time last April (I think), Deftac Makati didn't have a dojo for a few days because of renovations on our old gym. I had cough and colds at the time so the gym being closed was not a problem for me - because BJJ is a full-contact sport, we shouldn't be training when we have communicable diseases, mainly out of courtesy to our teammates.

One night that week, however, I had a meeting with my friend Abet in Robinson's Place Manila, and we wrapped up at around 8pm - which was the start of training at Deftac Malate. The chapter shares mats with the Wrestling Association of the Philippines in Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, and when I learned that Franco was teaching that evening's class, I decided to drop by before heading on home.

And because Franco is a superman - he went back to training a mere two weeks after undergoing surgery on his skull, WTF RIGHT? - I ended up training in WAP. I mostly did solo drills, but I also did a few partner drills with Marga, a girl we met and made friends with when we briefly trained in Krav Maga with KMP.
The only photo I managed to take. Hi, Marben!
As I have always been a sucker for open spaces, WAP is, for me, the ultimate playground! I had so much fun doing front and back rolls, bridges, shrimps and reverse shrimps that by the end of the evening, my shirt was soaked. It's a good thing Franco always has an extra shirt with him, so I borrowed that for the trip home.

Now that Wednesday is Makati's rest day, WAP is definitely a great alternative spot for me if I need a jits fix! When my schedule will let me, I'd like to revisit this playground and take a class under Myron, who, like Franco, is one awesome purple belt on our team.

If you're based in Manila and you want to try jiu-jitsu, drop by WAP! Check out their Facebook page for more information.


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