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At the start of the year, I took up jiu-jitsu and it has taken over my life so completely that I haven't really had much time for anything else. With training and work taking up most of my time, music has taken a backseat. It's sad, considering that I have loved music all my life - I've been singing since I was a kid, I dabbled with the guitar and the bass, and I've even written my own songs.

These days, music has been relegated to the background: I sing only in the shower, I discontinued bass lessons, and I just let my iTunes play music as some sort of accompaniment for work. I haven't had the luxury of time to really sit, listen, and learn new music.
I miss our music. :(
I find it quite sad that my relationship with music has come to this. Friends tell me it's understandable, considering that I never really pursued it as much as, say, writing, I don't like the idea that I took for granted something that has gotten me through so much sh*t throughout my lifetime. At my lowest lows, it was music, shared with my dearest friends, that helped me deal and heal.

Last July 7, Manaha was supposed to play a set in #OPMLives, my friend Paul Pajo's event in Saguijo, but we had to cancel because of the weather. Days before that evening, I was really looking forward to the gig - I would start the day singing our songs, and during my walks and commutes, my ears would be plugged to my iPod so I could listen to our recordings. I even watched footage of old gigs on YouTube.

I really hope we get another gig soon. I miss singing, I miss music - so badly that it hurts.


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