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Some time in July, I worked as a writer for Stratminds Events for one of their projects, Southside Collective, a mini-festival for art, music, and fashion held at Commercenter in Alabang. With the exception of designer Gian Romano, I'll admit I didn't know the exhibitors and their work. That only made me more excited about the event, because even if I don't have the gift for visual art, I do have an appreciation for it, mainly because I grew up with an inifinitely talented brother.

One of the exhibiting artists at Southside Collective is Steph Alvarez, a visual artist/illustator who also happens to be a freshly-minted architect. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas a couple of years ago with a degree in Architecture, and she recently passed the Board Licensure Examination. She's currently affiliated with a local architecture firm, but she still pursues her art on the side.
Love her work!
For as long as I could remember, I've always been attracted to darker color palettes, so I was surprised at how Steph's wonderfully whimsical work caught my attention. Her work reminded me of my younger, more carefree days, when I had the luxury to spend most of my waking hours in a dream-like state, imagining ethereal worlds to write about.

Putting my adult hat back on, another thing that I appreciate about Steph's work is that she draws women. As a feminist, I love that her subjects of her portraits and illustrations are women - each one strong and each one beautiful in a unique way. Her work is incredibly personal, and that is a mark of strength - she knows who she is as a woman and as an artist, and she is not afraid to take on the world.

I got to talk to her father, who helped her out during her exhibit. I commended him for letting his daughter pursue a career in art - most parents (including my own) would discourage it for practical reasons, and he shared with me that creativity runs in their family. :)

For those interested the work of Steph Alvarez, visit her Facebook page - or her Instagram account -


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