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I'm turning 30 next year, so I figured I'd share this list from Lifehack titled "20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know." Here are the those things:

1. Love and accept yourself - fully.
2. Feed your soul.
3. Find a strong support network.
4. Be authentic.
5. Live for you.
6. Don't compromise too much.
7. Travel more.
8. Worry less.
9. Stop comparing.
10. Forget expectations.
11. Live for work, not work to live.
12. Save for the unexpected.
13. Give back more.
14. Forgive yourself and others.
15. Don't waste too much time on negative people.
16. No is a complete sentence.
17. Think long and hard before you say "I do".
18. Stop and admire the little things.
19. Stop caring what others think of you.
20. Embrace change.

Click here to read the full article. :)

Have a great week ahead, folks!


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