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All my life I've had trouble sleeping. I was a hyperactive kid, so I always had to be doing something - sleep, to me, was a waste of time (I think differently now). A traumatic experience from my childhood made it worse; for a time, I've had to take sleeping pills just to get rest. Being a writer didn't help, either - I write best in the evenings, because my mind somehow goes into overdrive when the sun begins to set.
Time for bed!
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So yes, sleep is a problem for me, even when I'm tired. Sleepless nights take its toll on my health - I catch colds really easily - and I also become really irritable during the day, even after coffee.

My friend Pauline shared with me a sleep trick that she read about online - the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise. Here's how it works: Exhale completely, and then breathe in through your nose quietly while mentally counting to four. Hold your breath, mentally counting to seven. And then exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound, mentally counting to eight. Repeat the whole process three more times.

The process will help you relax by ensuring enough oxygen gets to circulate all over your body. At first it can be challenging, especially for overthinkers like myself - I stressed over counting a bit too much. But as I did it more often, I could do it mechanically, and I could get knocked out in a minute.

Read more about this exercise on this link: Try it! It could work for you. :)


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