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Behind enemy lines.
If I had discovered jiu-jitsu back in college, I would most certainly be part of a different team. The Universe had other plans, though, and after a series of fortuitous events, I ended up being part of Deftac. Since most Deftac folks are from La Salle, I get picked on A LOT for being an Atenean. Haha! It doesn't really get to me since I have very little school spirit - I don't follow the UAAP, and I'm mostly proud of how open-minded Jesuits are.

Anyway, one random weekend, I headed to DLSU for training with Ed and Luis (The Bukkakes, haha!). The DLSU BJJ Organization shares the training room of the DLSU Judo Varsity Team, and their mats are awesome! I got too excited about rolling that I ended up hurting my neck in the warm-ups, haha! Myron led that day's class, and he shared with us a couple of techniques - a takedown and an escape.

I got to roll with Luis, and wow, he totally killed me on the mats! He got me to tap to his side mount! Awesome for him but embarrassing for me. We both learned the side mount from Ed, who taught us at about the same time. But apparently, the Thursday prior to our La Salle trippy, he got pointers from Marc Benigno on how to improve his pressure. So bam - I died. HAHA!

I posted a photo on Instagram of Myron and Luis rolling, and I captioned it, "#Bukkakes hit DLSU! Awesome day for jits!" And of course someone from the team pointed out that I'm from Ateneo. Haha!

After training, we headed for the showers and then walked over to Rap's Steaks and Cakes for post-workout sustenance - far from spectacular, the steaks were still quite good for the price.


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