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For this week, I'm breaking my Proust Questionnaire Marathon for something I recently discovered that I feel I must share with anyone who reads this blog.

I previously wrote a poem titled "He Smells Like Strength," following a conversation with my friend Reese. I wrote a debrief about the piece, as well, and I never thought I would find myself writing about scents ever again. For starters, I'm allergic to perfume. And even if I weren't, it's not very practical to wear scents because I spend most of my waking hours sweating. Haha!
A scent for those I'm close to.
Photo art-directed by Wiji, herself!
Last month, when I worked with Lendro and the rest of the Stratminds Team on Southside Collective, I met Wiji Lacsamana - the female half of art duo extraordinaire Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest. They were exhibiting their scarves and their scents, and Lendro told me that I JUST HAD TO ask Wiji about the scents. So I did. Not just because he's my boss, but because I was actually quite curious.

I walked away from the booth with "The Woods," a scent that, at first whiff, took me back to my Sagada trip last April - just like Wiji said it would. Wiji's handcrafted scents were designed to take you some place else - it evokes memories of people, places, and/or things dear to you. It doesn't give the user an overwhelming scent that announces his or her presence from a mile away. In Wiji's words, "It's a scent for those close to you." Poetic.

I've used it every day since; it's made only from natural oils so it didn't trigger my allergy! Try it for yourself - just contact them on Instagram (@radioactivemushroomsitf).


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