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Ed demonstrates the Spear Hand.
One random Saturday, Ronjie, Ed, and I headed over to Plantation to grab some beers. We asked Ronjie about his journey so far, and he told us that he's been a blue belt for as long as he can remember and he's a bit frustrated about that. Because I'm the type to randomly break into song, I started singing, "Don't wanna be forever blue..." I think it was his first time to hear me sing, and his face showed pleasant surprise.

We all hung out again another day, and Ronjie told me that his brother was the vocalist of Filipino band Kala. I'm not really a fan of the group, but I know one of their songs - Jeepney - and I liked it. Anyway, he shared with me that he would accompany his brother when the band would get together to jam, and he loved sitting in and listening to them make music.

In the same conversation, he also told me that I sing quite well, and that I should keep at it. He even went on to say that I should let him know when I have gigs so he can maybe try to watch. I was floored. I was used to getting encouragement from Ronjie, but always on the subject of jiu-jitsu. As a perpetually insecure musician (HAHA!), encouragement is something that I will always welcome. So thanks, Ronjie!


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