The value of one's word

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A lot of people say yes for the sake of saying yes - be it for a party or whatever. And then at the last minute, they cancel with a phone call or a text message.  At some point, we've all done that. We're all guilty of not following through because we didn't even want to say yes to begin with and were just too polite to say no.

What we fail to realize is that in these cases, saying yes is actually the rude thing to do. Technology makes it so easy for us to flake on our commitments - these days, all it really takes is the press of a button, and we can already let the other person know that we won't make our appointments for one reason or another.
Gerard wreaked havoc because Jamie didn't keep his word. (image from the internet)

These are small promises, yes, but they are promises nonetheless. If we keep breaking them, before we know it, our word will start to mean nothing to the people we give our promises to.

I'm personally guilty of this. Sometimes, when a person is just too enthusiastic about his or her invitation, I don't have the heart to decline if I don't have other engagements. I would say yes just to end the conversation. When the day arrives, I try come up with a non-offensive way to get out of it. That is not cool at all, and I know it. I'm slowly starting to make changes to address it. For starters, I'm teaching myself to say no. Or at the very least, a maybe, until I'm certain.

Another thing I'm working on is how I manage my time. A good number of my flake-outs were actually a result of faulty scheduling on my part. Lately, my projects have been insane, and I'm forced to book back-to-back meetings. And when one starts late, everything else that follows will move, which is a major inconvenience for everyone. 

Recognizing the problem is the first step to solving it, and with this awareness, I do hope I would be able to learn (1) to say no and (2) to manage my time better. No promise is too small to not be kept.


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