FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Bukidnon, part 1

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Hannah and I took a bus from CDO to Bukidnon. Our first stop was Malaybalay for Nasuli Spring, a natural cold water spring right smack in the middle of nowhere. Haha! Seriously, though, it was a long-ass land trip, and by the end of it, my lower back was a bit sore. So when Hannah and I finally arrived (we even had to walk for about half a kilometer from the highway to get to the spring), we changed into our bathing suits and jumped in.
The water was freezing! But it was the refreshing dip that I needed after the trip, so I didn't mind. Since it's a natural spring, the bed is composed of mud, and stepping on it absolutely freaked us out. It's like stepping on the slimiest okra in the world, and my imagination ran wild. I thought that, at any moment, some sort of creepy crawler will walk up my leg, so I made an effort to stay afloat the whole time. Haha!
But I felt so proud of Hannah while we were in Nasuli! Okay, if you've somehow read a blog post I published maybe a couple of years back about giving my friend Hannah swimming lessons, you should know that it's the same Hannah that I'm with for the Mindanao trip. Anyway, she was also getting a bit freaked out by the feel of the spring bed, so she swam the whole distance from the side to the concrete platform in the middle of the spring. I swam by her side the whole way in case she needed help, but she did it all on her own. Yay!

Since the water was just too cold, we didn't stay too long. We took a bus to take us to Dahilayan, still in Bukidnon, so we could go ziplining! Getting to Dahilayan Adventure Park was, in itself, an adventure - we went through 20 kilometers of very rocky road (ice cream reference, yay Selecta!) on a habal-habal. Halfway through the journey, it started to rain, so we knocked on one of the few houses on the side of the road to ask for cover. The owner of the house (I feel awful that I forgot her name) let us in, and we stayed there until the rains stopped.

We were getting a little worried that we won't be able to go camping because of the weather, but the gods of travel smiled upon us the whole trip. So anyway, after about 15 minutes, the rains stopped, and we went on our merry way to Dahilayan Adventure Park, which had the longest dual zipline in Asia. It was the first time I was ever going to do that, and Hannah and I were supposed to zip through the line (haha!) together. The only problem is, I weighed about ten pounds heavier than she did, so the laws of physics dictate that I would go faster than she did.
View from the to
In the end, though, it didn't matter: we were too busy looking at the view (a lush, green forest made up mostly of pine trees, covered in a thick, white fog) that we went there for. I'm selectively afraid of heights, and I was worried that I'd get freaked out. But it felt like flying, and I spread out my arms throughout the ride - to feel the wind, and to pretend I'm a bird. Haha!

There were two more zips, which we had to go through one at a time because they weren't dual lines. And unlike the first one where we rode in supine position, we were in a sitting position on the next ones. The view was not all too different - still the same forest - but hey, I'm not complaining. :) We had a snack from the coffee shop at the park before we left.

We weren't billeted in the hotel beside Dahilayan Adventure Park because they were already fully booked, so Hannah made arrangements for camping at Dahilayan Gardens and Resort, which, as it turns out, was quite far from the park. Since we already sent our habal-habal drivers home, we didn't know how we were going to get to our campsite. When we saw the service for the employees of the park, we asked if we could get a ride to get us anywhere near the resort.
We made new friends!
Hannah and I braced ourselves for the long walk with our heavy backpacks, but as it turns out, we didn't need to, because the driver of the service showed us mercy - he brought us right at the gate of the resort! We thanked the whole staff for their kindness, and we kept waving at them as they drove off.

(End of Part 1)


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