FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Bukidnon, part 2

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In all my 28 years, I've never actually gone camping. The closest I've come to the experience was a Girl Scout activity at our school yard; we pitched a tent, built a fire, and then went home the same afternoon. So I got really excited at the prospect of sleeping in a tent at Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. Although I didn't get to sleep too well because it was very cold, waking up with pine-fresh air was just marvelous.
Happy campers!
Morning view
There was a small gazebo there with a breathtaking view of the forests below, and I remember thinking that I wouldn't mind getting married there - a quiet, intimate ceremony with only our closest friends (that's under 10 people on my side, if ever). And then, out of nowhere, we see a couple having their pre-nup photoshoot there! Haha!
I think I wanna marry you...
Backpacking meant we couldn't really bring too many clothes for our trip, lest we break our backs. So we knew we had to do laundry, and the opportunity presented itself in Dahilayan. We washed our clothes before we went to bed, but because the weather was just too cold, they didn't dry by the time we had to leave in the morning. It was fine, though - we had better luck in Camiguin.

We had breakfast in the small dining hall facing the man-made lake in the East, so we were also soaking in some Vitamin D as we ate. I could have stayed there forever, I tell you. But we were only on the fourth day of our adventure; we still had so many places to see. So we packed our bags (I had to put my wet laundry on a separate plastic bag), hopped on the habal-habal, and headed to Camp Phillips - the plantation of Del Monte Philippines.
Spongebob Moment

The driver took a different route, but it looked similar to the one from the day before heading to Dahilayan: all you could see was acres and acres of land with food crops like corn, pineapples, rice, cassava, buko, and so on. Hannah told me that a Japanese man once said, "Give me Mindanao and I can feed the world." And as if I needed any more convincing, the habal-habal driver told me that those lands go all the way to Malaybalay - the place where Nasuli Spring was. I don't think I mentioned it was about three hours away on bus. Mindanao has enough produce to satisfy world hunger. Too bad it doesn't have enough to satisfy world greed. But that's for another blog post.
Pineapple flavored cow
In our effort to be good tourists, we had our photo taken at the big-ass pineapple! Haha! Before we headed off to Camiguin, we had our second breakfast in The Bungalow, a restaurant known for its delicious steaks. Apparently, the feed the cattle with pineapple - and you can actually taste the difference! :)

We walked from The Bungalow to the shuttle station that would take us to Puerto, where we were going to take a bus to the port with ferries bound for Camiguin. It was a long walk, and with bags as heavy as ours, I'll admit it was quite tiring. But the protein fix (steak) and good ol' adrenaline kept us going.


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