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I'm a very budget-conscious person, and the things I don't mind spending on are books, food, and travel (and even for those three, I still make sure I don't blow all my funds in one go). Although I do have an appreciation for art, I'm not one to spend my hard-earned money on a painting or a portrait.

But my boss, Lendro, can be very convincing sometimes, and he urged me to get my own portrait from Professor Ferdinand Doctolero of the Technlogical University of the Philippines-College of Architecture and Fine Arts (TUP-CAFA) during the exhibit at Southside Collective in Commercenter Alabang last July. I already bought perfume from Radioactive Mushrooms In The Forest, so it took a while to get my ass on a chair for the portrait.
I gave in eventually, and I loved the result. It's not your regular portrait - it's a stylized one - and it was so cute! To the unfamiliar, a stylized portrait is one that's highly conventionalized or saliently artistic - the total opposite of naturalistic. Prof. Doctolero drew my portrait with a regular pen on thick, board-like paper.

The portrait confirmed my suspicions that my eyeglasses were taking up half my face. Haha! But seriously now, my portrait kind of looks like Ms. Minchin, the mean headmistress of the school Sarah Crewe attended (if you do not know the reference, please look it up).

If you want to get your own portrait done, look up Dr. Doctolero! :)


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