HFT / Goal setting: My next pair of running shoes!

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The most important pair of shoes I own are my Nike Free running shoes. Because of the worsening traffic conditions in the metro, I've been religiously avoiding commuting. I'm lucky that I live in the central business district of Makati, so I'm able to pretty much walk everywhere: to the grocery, the doctor, to my boss's house (haha!), and to the mall.

I bought them three years ago at the height of my running addiction, and although I haven't used them for that purpose as of late, they're still heavily utilized. I walk and hike a lot when I travel, so I never travel without them! I wore them to Sagada last April, and the whole of #MindaNOWorNever from August to September.

This year's trips, however, took its toll on my pair. I'm not the girl who has a thousand pairs of shoes - I have a few pairs that I use over and over until they give way. For the record, they're still very functional (although a little dirty, and I'm too lazy to clean them, haha!), but I'm already thinking of getting another pair this November - also as an early Christmas present for myself. The new pair will be for city walking and actual running, while the older pair will be dedicated to travel.
Cute, right???
And because I'm a loyalist (I've only ever bought one pair of non-Nike rubber shoes, and I regret that decision to this day), I'm not looking at any other brand. I should really get a huge discount for my Nike purchases - heck, even my sports bras are from Nike! Haha! But seriously now, I'm looking at Nike Roshe Run, but I'm still deciding what color to get. I'm inclined to get the black one, but my Nike Free pair is already in black. I'm considering aqua for a change, though -  I looked at it on Zalora and it's really cute.

Knowing me, however, I will most probably end up with the black one anyway. HAHA! But hey, anything can happen. After all, I I have a month to pick - my goal is to buy it by mid-November, when I get paid for my projects. I'm sure I'll be busy around that time with events, so I'll just order them online from Zalora. Since it's my Christmas treat for myself, having it delivered right at my doorstep would give it more of that "gift" feel.  :)


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