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I've been an athlete most of my life, but I remained injury-free at the time that I was actively swimming and running. I hurt my foot once in basketball, but it healed on its own with enough rest. A year ago, I twisted my wrist in boxing, when an uppercut attempt hit the mitts in the wrong angle, but that healed on its own, too.

Jiu-jitsu was a different story: I hurt my rib, my back, my wrist, my shoulder, my neck, my hips, my calves, and even my cheek. Haha! I always just let my body heal on its own. But after putting up with the pain on my wrist for several months, I had it checked along with my back, which I hurt with a miscalculated dive in Hinatuan.
So I finally did it
Dr. Odulio from the Philippine Orthopedic Institute ordered six sessions of physical therapy to get my back and my right wrist fixed. Not knowing what to expect, I showed up for the first session wearing jeans, which made the exercises a bit difficult. I made sure to wear gym shorts for the following sessions.

Physical therapy was a very new and a very interesting experience for me. Each session lasted a little under two hours. We started with a paraffin dip for my right hand and wrist. After ten dips, the therapist wrapped my hand in some sort of thin paper and then a towel. As for my back, they used a device called a transcutaeneous electrical nerve stimulator, which sent a mild current over the affected area.
It's not what you think.
The paraffin and the nerve stimulator were followed by an ultrasound - not the type for pregnant women, haha! - it's supposed to help  the body absorb the topical ointment they applied on the painful areas. Then we did exercises to stretch and strengthen my back and wrist,  and before they let me go, I had one more round of hot and cold compress.

I didn't feel a huge improvement after the first session, but I felt awesome by the end of the third. I'm not a fan of doctors and treatments; whenever I get injured, I usually just let myself heal. Now I've learned to appreciate the value of physical therapy.

But I do hope I won't need it again anytime soon. :)


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