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At around the same time I took another hiatus from blogging, I also took a break from jiu-jitsu. I was so overwhelmed with work and I just couldn't spend as much time on the mats anymore. It didn't help that I felt constant pain in my wrist - there was a week when it got so bad that it kept me awake at night. And when I had it checked, all the doctor prescribed was warm compress.
A month after I stopped training, I went on the trip of a lifetime - The Great Mindanao Adventure 2015 - with my friend Hannah. In Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, I hurt my back when I miscalculated my dive into the beautiful Enchanted River. The long and bumpy bus rides we took on the rest of the trip didn't help, and I only got it checked when I got back to the city three weeks later.

I have trust issues with doctors, so even though I got back to the city on a Saturday, I put off getting my back and wrist checked until Friday, when my friend Raf (orthopedic surgeon extraordinaire) would have clinic in Makati. Unfortunately for me, he's got a long line of torn ACLs to fix, but because he's the sweetest, he called to prescribe an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving gel for my wrist, which was a huge, huge help.

Raf is a very busy guy and I didn't want to keep him on the phone too long, so I thanked him and hung up before I could mention my back problem. I couldn't wait until his next Makati clinic day, so I decided to walk over to the Philippine Orthopedic Institute. There I met Dr. Odulio, who ordered an x-ray of my wrist and my lower back.

I'm quite lucky that my injuries weren't as bad as they felt; there were no broken bones, no slipped discs, and no torn ligaments, just sprained and hyperextended tendons. Dr. Odulio prescribed six sessions of physical therapy, and after that, I should be good as new. :)


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