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After a week of working in Cebu, which came after the Mindanao adventure with Hannah, I went to Dumaguete to wind down before coming back to the city, and to get new tattoos from Karla - the same artist who tattooed the names of my mother, father, and brother on my wrist. I spent a week there, and one afternoon, I got to hang out with Frances, whom I met a year ago through my friend Jerry.

We talked about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, one of my favorite books of all time, which was celebrating its 150th publishing anniversary this year. An aside: although I read it rather late in life (it's supposed to be a book for children), it was good that I had enough literary maturity to really appreciate the imagery, the narrative course and structure, and of course, the characters.

And that's when it hit me - I must pay homage to the novel with a tattoo! The Mindanao trip has changed me tremendously; it made me see the world with a fresh pair of curious eyes, like Alice! So I took out my notebook and started scribbling the words "curiouser and curiouser." I experimented with various handwriting styles, until I eventually decided to write it the way I would if I were still my six-year-old self, learning how to write script.

I brought the design to Karla, who used a stencil to replicate the scribble perfectly. This is the result:

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