LT / #MindaNOWorNever: Letters to Mom

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Before Hannah and I boarded the plane that would take us to CDO, the starting point of #MindaNOWorNever (also called The Great Mindanao Adventure 2015), I told her that I was going to write to my mother from each new place we visit. The last time I wrote to her was in April, from Sagada, Mountain Province, and of course I was going to do it on this trip.

Given our itinerary, however, it was quite a challenge. We spent a lot of time on the road (Mindanao is HUGE), and more than once, we plopped on our beds out of sheer exhaustion after a day packed with activities. I wasn't able to write to my mother from some destinations, but of course, I made up for those lapses whenever I could.
In one of the letters I wrote to her (from Dahilayan), I told her that I wish she could have been with me. I am a lot like my mother - I got the brave, adventurous gene from her - and although we never talked about it, I know that she would have loved to travel all over the country, too. She gave all that up to raise me and my brother.

The letters were my way of making her a part of the trip. I'm pretty sure she was with me and Hannah the whole time, keeping us safe, but still. I penned a total of 19 pages throughout the trip. I could have written so much more if we had more down time, but it's okay. :)


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