LT / The Proust Questionnaire #6

12:00:00 AM

Question: What do you dislike most about your appearance?

If I were asked this question when I was much younger, my insecurities would take over and I will give you a litany of everything that is wrong with me. But as I grew older and more comfortable in my own skin, I've come to like my appearance. I'm not model material or anything of the sort, but I'm okay. I have complete body parts and they're all right where they should be, so that's enough.
No need for a close-up.
But like everybody else, I have good days and bad days. And then I have worse days, which usually come right before I get my period. And those days, I hate my cheeks because they're HUGE. Haha! Seriously, though, I actually do have odd cheekbones, and I can't quite figure out my angle for photos; it doesn't help that I don't really like taking selfies, because hey, practice makes perfect.

What do you dislike most about your appearance?


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