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Hannah and I stayed in Mountain Log Resort in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. We were supposed to stay someplace else, but that didn't work out so we ended up there instead. My other friend (college blockmate, thesis mate, and Dumaguete soul sister), also named Hannah (she was supposed to go with us on this adventure, but our plans didn't agree), recommended the place to us and we were very happy with the accommodations, the food, and the service.
I came all this way. Why not?
If there's one thing Filipinos love as much as basketball, it's singing! So I wasn't surprised in the least when I saw that there was a videoke machine in the resort's restaurant. Haha! There were other patrons there, and they asked us to sing, so I did. I sang Dina Bonnevie's Bakit Ba Ganyan. Haha! It's the first and only song I sang solo in front of the whole school (Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos, when I was a high school senior).

The other customers put their hands together (as a courtesy, I'm sure), and after that, Hannah and I had our hearty dinner. I toyed with the idea of singing another song just because I haven't sung in a while, but we were both exhausted from the trip so we retreated to our room to rest. But as always, it was nice to sing outside the showers. Haha! :)


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