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Part of the school curriculum for elementary students is music, and during my time in school, we briefly studied native instruments from the different tribes in the Philippines. Among these instruments were the gongs, used mainly by the TBoli people. I've seen them on display in museums, and I've heard the sound on educational television shows, but it's only recently that I had the distinct pleasure of listening to a TBoli woman make music with gongs.
Nanay Alice
My friend Hannah and I went on an adventure - for 17 days, we toured Mindanao. One of our stops is Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, where we visited the TBoli Museum, also dubbed the House of Gongs. There we met Alice, a lovely 70-year-old TBoli woman who serves as the museum's caretaker. She not only played the gongs for us, she also had us sit and listen to her play the two-string guitar.

The music she made was just beautiful, and she moved my heart with it. In the age of overly-processed sound, it was wonderful to get to listen to something so refreshingly raw, natural, different. As she used instruments made only from things found in nature, the sounds they make evoke a strong feel of the surroundings - the lush green forests and the clear waterfalls, rivers, and streams.

Her music was among the highlights of the trip. :)


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