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While I was happily vacationing in Dumaguete, I got a Facebook message notification - one for Manaha's page. It was from a guy named Jeff, and he was inviting our band (well, duo) to play at an indie music night in Backyard Kitchen and Brew in UP Town Center. I texted Gersh to ask if he's free that evening, and when he said yes, I replied to Jeff to confirm.

Gersh and I discussed the lineup, and we agreed on seven songs. We eventually had to reduce it to six (Kalaro, Kape, Liham, Pag-Amin, Palaisipan, and Antok), though, because we only had a thirty-minute window for our set. We were second of four bands, and those we shared the stage with were quite awesome!
I have to memorize my lyrics.
It was great to be back on the microphone, singing for a crowd. It was a small, intimate group that night, but the applause meant a lot because one of the people in the group was a friend I haven't seen in ages - Karlo! That guy got me employed in Selecta, and a couple of years later, gave me my first break in freelance writing.

We've helped each other out a few times over the past year - we pick each other's brains on marketing and business stuff. But we usually just talk over Facebook Chat, so it was a really pleasant surprise to see him there. I was touched when he messaged me after the gig to tell me that he enjoyed the set (he said we needed to add covers to our repertoire, though).

Good times. :)


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