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It's become customary for me to get a tattoo each time I visit Dumaguete, and last September, I got two from - who else? - Karla. It was supposed to be just one, but then I learned of the 150th anniversary of the first printing of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so of course I just had to pay homage. :)

Anyway, the other tattoo I got was something I've thought about for over a year now: fly. I previously wrote about it, actually (click here for the original post). Of the four tattoos I talked about in the post, I already got the other two - the names of my father and my brother under an earlier tattoo of my mother's name on my right wrist.

I was supposed to get the words "leap" and "fly" on my left and right ankles, respectively. Leap was an allusion to jumping off the cliff in Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor, the one jump that freed me from a thousand fears. I wanted leap over jump because the former implied a horizontal movement as well as a vertical one. Anyway, I still plan to get this tattoo, still on my left ankle, but "fly" got moved.

It ended up on my right rib, accompanied by another word: north.
Where to? Why, North, of course!
Fly still means the same thing for me - it's what I ought to do after the leap. But I decided to give it direction after a conversation with my friend (and mentor-of-sorts) Louie Sangalang. I asked him how he stays motivated. "Never lose sight of your North" were his words. By far, it's one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received (so good that I had it tattooed, haha!).

It's pretty funny that, when Karla was stenciling the words on my rib, she told me I had a mole right above where I wanted the tattoo (I had no idea I had one there). So it kind of makes my mole look like the North Star. Coincidence? Nah - it's too good to be just that. I'll take it as a sign from the Universe that I'm on the right track with what I'm trying to build.


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