The Proust Questionnaire #4

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Since there are twenty-two questions that I need to answer, I figured I'd split publishing between Thursday and Saturday so I can complete it sooner.

Question: What is your greatest extravagance?  

When I first read the question a few months back, I was ready to say, "travel." After The Great Mindanao Adventure (#MindaNOWorNever), however, I have a different answer. Travel, to me, is not an extravagance, because I think it's absolutely necessary to nurture one's soul, to remind us all of what little space we occupy in the world. Besides, I don't travel in luxury - I always go for the cheapest of flights and average accommodations, just to be sure that I have enough dough for experiences that count.
My Kryptonite.
(photo from the internet)
So here's the answer: I have never deprived myself of a beautiful notebook when I need one, either for use as a journal or a planner.

I'm a very practical person, and I know better than to spend an extra five hundred pesos for a leather-bound notebook with acid-free, creamy white paper when I could get a regular one that will serve the exact same purpose for a fraction of the cost. Yes, I KNOW better, but that has not stopped me from buying the more expensive alternative.

Writing is my bread and butter, so this impractical decision is an investment in my craft. I enjoy writing on a beautiful notebook more than I do on an average one, so I churn out more creative output on the former. :)

What is your greatest extravagance?


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