FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Butuan + Magallanes, part 1

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A considerable amount of time was spent inside a bus when Hannah and I embarked on The Great Mindanao Adventure, and by the time it was over, I desperately needed a good back massage. Haha! From Camiguin, Hannah and I took the ferry to the mainland, and then hopped on a bus bound for Butuan City. Take note - it's not read as "Butu-an," but as "But-wan."
The books made me love the cafe all the more! 
Good selection, good prices.
We got there after dark, and we were really hungry and exhausted. Marvin, our colleague from Selecta, met with us at a gas station before the city bus terminal. He drove us to Julian's Inn (the preferred lodgings of non-local sales agents of different companies), and after checking in and freshening up, we headed over to Margie's for a hearty dinner. The food was good, and I loved the cheesecake, too! :)
Hallway at Julian's
Hannah and I plopped on to our beds and almost instantly fell asleep. I got up at 4am to get some work done, and around 7am, we were ready to hit the streets! We each hired our own habal-habal to drive us around the city. The first place we went to was Delta Zipline, which we thought was the longest zipline in Asia. As it turns out, it was only the second longest at 1.3 kilometers, because a 1.4 kilometer line was built recently in Pangasinan (NOTED).
My turn!
The 4x4 ride from the end tower to the starting tower was, in itself, an adventure! I wonder how it would be like to drive down that path on a rainy day. The starting tower has a wonderful 360-degree view of God's green earth, and I quietly took it all in as I waited for my turn on the line.
All that green! :)
I repeatedly muttered "thank you, Lord" throughout the ride: I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for all the wonderful places I got to see, and my heart was just bursting. It was a brief ride (it lasted only a little over a minute), but it was enough. I felt like Peter Pan flying above my version of Neverland - seemingly unending forests with a sparkling river cutting across. A part of the zip went through what the guides called "The Tunnel," and for a second there, I imagined I was some sort of super spy from Alias or Mission Impossible. Haha!
We asked for "falls" and we got "polls"
Excavation photos
While we were still in Iligan, I joked to Hannah that we were "chasing waterfalls" (if you do not know the reference, then you are too young) on this trip. We asked our guides if there were any "falls" we had to visit, and they brought us to a pool, not knowing that they inadvertently forced an awful pun. It was a hot day, but we didn't have time for a swim, so we headed off to our next stop - the Balangay Shrine of the National Museum. Butuan had among the oldest settlements in the country, and the Balangay Shrine housed the remnants of the baot found by Japanese archaeologists some decades back.
This marks where the first Mass in the country was supposedly held.
Landing shrine
There are conflicting historical accounts about Fernando Magallanes (Ferdinand Magellan), and there are groups who claim that he did not land in Lapu-Lapu, but in Butuan City. Like Cebu, Butuan has its own Magellan Shrine - well, shrines. One is on top of a hill, with a view of Agusan River, while the other one is on Masao Beach, where he supposedly landed.
Masao Beach
Kaon Ta!
We stopped by a random paluto spot near Masao Beach for lunch; the food was cheap but delicious! Hannah and I spent about Php300 for us and our drivers, and we were all too full to function by the time we were done eating!

(End of part 1)


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