FTF / #MindaNOWorNever: Camiguin, part 1

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We got to Camiguin late in the afternoon, and from the port, it took us another hour to get to our lodgings for the evening. We stayed in Seascape Resort, a small but beautiful seaside lodge. Hannah booked our room and our tour with Ate Julianne - the most wonderful woman in the island! She knew that we had to leave for Butuan the following afternoon, so she made arrangements for us to go to Ardent Hot Spring the same night we arrived.

I had to re-do my laundry while waiting for our dinner (sinigang for me and kinilaw for Hannah), and luckily for me, it was a windy evening so most of them were dry by morning. Those that weren't completely dry were just hung on the sides of the multi-cab that we took for our tour of the island the next day. More on that later.
24-hour hot spring!
Ardent was very nice, but Hannah and I were a bit disappointed that the water didn't turn out to be as hot as we expected it to be (perhaps it's because we went in the evening). It was a chilly night so after bathing for 30 minutes in the hottest pool (which was warm at best), we headed back to Seascape. We took a habal-habal to and fro, and the ride home was pretty cold because we were in wet clothing.

I slept like a baby that night out of sheer exhaustion, but I managed to get up early enough to catch the sunrise. The tour proper started after breakfast, with the White Island (which was actually a sandbar) as our first stop. We were joined by a couple on vacation, so that split the cost in half! Yay! I burned my skin on White Island because there really was nowhere to hide from the sun. And because I'm me, I did not use any sunblock. Haha!
No shade
From the sandbar
Tiny Dancer
Hannah and I had fun with the white sand: I took a wooden stick and wrote "#MindaNOWorNever Hannah & Isay," and Hannah took a photo of it. :) I also attempted a handstand and failed miserably. Haha!
No jumping!
After about an hour, we headed to our next stop - a cliff (I don't know if it had a name, and I forgot to ask)! Not the sort that one could dive from (there were rocks at the bottom), but it offered a wonderful backdrop for photos. It was on the way to the Way to the Old Volcano, which had Stations of the Cross. We didn't finish all stations because it was a two-hour hike back and forth, and we didn't have time. (That only means I have to come back. Yay!)

(End of part 1)


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