HFT / #MindaNOWorNever: New dojo in Davao!

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Before the trip, whenever Hannah and I talked about #MindaNOWorNever, I repeatedly told her that we absolutely had to drop by Davao City so I could visit Deftac Davao. I saw on Facebook that they moved out of Metro Lifestyle, the gym I visited the last time I was there for a research project for Publicis Manila. Our itinerary was so tight, and I was sure I wasn't going to have the chance to train with the boys (and by this time, I had already hurt my back in Hinatuan, so I really couldn't). But at the very least, I wanted to see the new gym.

So when Hannah and I headed back to Davao City from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, I immediately called Gelbert, one of my friends from Deftac Davao. He picked us up from S&R, and from there he brought us to Huckleberry, a restaurant owned by someone from the team. Dwight and Jan followed there, and so I asked them to show me the new dojo! Hannah was exhausted, so Gelbert and I dropped her off at the hotel. But it was only Dwight and Jan who brought me to the gym because Gelbert had to turn in early, as he had a long day ahead.
Them boys
The new dojo was absolutely awesome! It reminded me a lot of the old Deftac Makati gym, the one we shared with Master Danny's Tae Kwon Do club, but this was better, of course. :) Although one person (not sure if it's okay to say who) pretty much bankrolled the whole thing, everyone pitched in with the labor. The new space used to be a restaurant, so everyone in the team used their brawn to demolish the old walls to build their gym.

And now it's become more than just a dojo (Japanese for "training hall"); it's become their second home. They have a television set and a gaming console there, too! People get to just hang out there before and after training. I guess that's one of the reasons why the Deftac Davao family is not just solid, but steadily growing, too. :)

Congratulations, guys! :)


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