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I have a lot of clothes, ranging from beautiful dresses to flattering tops and cute skirts, most of which I scored from my ukay-ukay trippies. But since I turned my back from the corporate world, around the same time when I embraced jiu-jitsu, I've only been wearing the same shirts over and over, and my favorite is my Libre Fighting shirt, which I scored from the knife-fighting seminar I attended last October 10 in Functional Fitness Makati.
Three to go!
Wicked Fight Wear is a homegrown brand that offers a more affordable alternative to the overly-priced dry fit shirts made abroad. I actually like it better than those dry fit shirts; the fabric is thicker but it doesn't feel warmer. It's so comfortable that it's become my first pick whenever I open my closet. I've worn it to the grocery, to the bank, to Divisoria, and even to the office.

And it's pretty badass, too. :)

I do my laundry once a week, and my Wicked Fight Wear shirts see the inside of my machine each time. Haha! I plan to get three more, so I get to wear it every single day of the week. It's my new uniform! BOOM!


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