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I briefly (very, at that) trained in Krav Maga to become a certified instructor, but I couldn't finish the program because of one too many schedule conflicts. It didn't help that the training facility of Krav Maga Philippines was located in Greenhills, in an area that isn't accessible through public transportation. So I dropped out.
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In one of the sessions that I did attend, however, the instructor said something that stuck with me: "It's not my job to get you guys in shape - that's your responsibility. I'm here to teach you the system, not to help you lose weight or get stronger." He was right. He wasn't a fitness coach; he was a self-defense instructor.

Krav Maga wasn't easy, and learning it was painful. When your punches are blocked by the other person's wrist, when your thigh is kicked repeatedly, or when your shin meets your training partner's shin - it will hurt. Strength training and conditioning won't make you invincible; you will still feel the pain of each strike. However, the stronger you are, the less likely you are to sustain injury.

I didn't get injured in Krav Maga, but I did get hurt from jiu-jitsu and from a miscalculated dive into Hinatuan Enchanted River. I was forced to undergo therapy, which focused not just on my recovery, but on making me stronger, as well. In between sessions, I did the same exercises we did in therapy, and it worked wonders. It's already part of my daily routine.


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