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I have yet to learn to play well enough for an actual gig, and quite frankly, I'm not sure if I ever will, but I still love the bass. I still play from time to time, in the comfort of my room. Without an amplifier, however, I'm really just doing fretboard exercises. But you see, that's the beauty of the bass - you don't rely solely on your ears. You feel the groove, and it will tell you if you're on the right track even without much volume.
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My friend Aya, who for a while was also my bass teacher, would always tell me that "it's only a C if the bassist plays a C." My other friend, Mally Paraguya (P.O.T., Tame the Tikbalang, Eraserheads for a while, and Wunjo) once said, "You'll sing with the melody, but you'll groove with the bass." The bass is the backbone of any song, and of any band, for that matter. Its power is subtle and understated, and that's why it appeals to me.

So here's another crazy idea: I'm going to get a bass clef tattoo on my next trip to Dumaguete! I want it on my left forearm. Can't wait! :)


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